The Sales Bot Review & Insane Bonuses

the sales bot review

The Sales Bot Review

Hey everyone, it’s Samuel Cheema back and today I’ll be talking about a brand new software that has released called The Sales Bot by Billy Darr and David Kirby. I got early review access to this course, so I will be providing my thoughts on it, as well as showing EXACTLY what you will be getting. The Sales Bot review, The Sales Bot bonuses

Well, without delaying, let’s get into my The Sales Bot review.

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>> Click Here To Get THE SALES BOT + My Insane Bonuses! <<
Only 20 – Only 8 Bonus Bundles Left!

The Sales Bot Main Software: 

The Sales Bot is a brand new cloud-based software solution, that effortlessly creates affiliate, eCom, and dropshipping stores online, without the need for a website of your own, or hosting ANY pages!

The app does a lot more than just build affiliate stores, it also has integrated social traffic functionality, which allows you to get tons of traffic from 11 different social media platforms, and make money REALLY quickly with this.

The members area is really robust, and easy to navigate, and there is training videos provided that show how to make the best use of this app. OVERALL I found this to be one of the best online store makers available, and DEFINITELY the most affordable.

Further down, I’ll be revealing more about the software, but first let’s look at the pricing structure!


the sales bot review proof

Main Price: Price Starts At $27.95 but increasing to MUCH higher by end of launch!

Upgrade 1 – The Sales Bot: Sapphire Edition ($97)

Upgrade #1 will get you the Sapphire edition of The Sales Bot.

The Sapphire Edition contains tremendous value for you. You will have the exclusive ability to unlock additional features such as 3 additional social sites, 5 additional affiliate networks, unlimited usage, unlimited customization, unlimited storage, free upgrades for life as well as so much more and additional video training.

Upgrade 2 – The Sales Bot: Ruby Edition ($57)

Upgrade #2 is the RUBY edition of The Sales Bot. This upgrades gives you the unique ability to build on 20 additional accounts, a scheduling feature so you can experience true automation as well as additional training and the pro-edition of the agency license.

Upgrade 3 –  The Sales Bot: Emerald Edition ($47)

In the Emerald edition your get a training program that includes 23 Video tutorials complete with Worksheets, Templates, $1,400 Case Study and everything else you would need to generate thousands of dollars a day with The Sales Bot.

Upgrade 4 – Resell Rights To The Sales Bot Funnel ($67)

Upgrade #4  gives you the rights to sell the entire Sales Bot funnel and keep 100% of the profits. As you know this funnel contains professional high grade sales copy, well engineered killer animated VSL’s through-out and no expense is spared. So you basically get your hands on the same funnel that would cost you $5000 to build but for just $67.


My Thoughts: 

I like to keep my reviews short, and to the point, so I’m going to go straight to my thoughts on this software.

Overall, I HIGHLY recommend The Sales Bot, here’s why. This is a very powerful affiliate/eCom store maker, and has the ease of use, that even a total newbie can use this to make money. In addition, the price point set for this software is super cheap, compared to it’s competitors. So it’s an absolute STEAL!

Not just that, but the the whole software gives you EVERYTHING you need to know to build up a successful 6 to 7-figure affiliate/ecom business online. The traffic is even integrated with over 11 different social media platforms, funneling traffic to your stores on AUTOPILOT.

Therefore, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole program, and highly recommend picking it up.

In Summary:

In summary, I found The Sales Bot to be a great software app, at an affordable price. This is my main reason for promoting this offer. I genuinely liked the course + software, and I think it can REALLY help you to finally start making a solid income online. The software is very easy to use at it’s core, and if you take action, there’s no reason for you to not get results.

Along with that, it’s ONLY $27.95 ONE-TIME, if you pick it up early-on during launch week, so that is a steal and can easily be made up with taking action.

In addition, I have added some very special bonuses which will make this deal much more SWEETER. These are all offered by ONLY me, so make sure you pick this course through this blog to take advantage of them!

My entire ‘Must-Have’ bonus package is laid out below 🙂 The Sales Bot discount, The Sales Bot review


Only 20 – Only 8 Bonus Bundles Left!
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My Must-Have Bonus Package!

To complete my The Sales Bot review, I have put together a brand new bonus package for the first 20 people ONLY that pick up a copy of  “The Sales Bot” from this Blog. This is a unique bonus package which I have created just for my viewers, that purchase this new course from this blog and this will give you a massive advantage over everyone else that grabs this new course.

The Sales Bot discount, The Sales Bot review, The Sales Bot coupon

Exclusive Bonus #1:


the sales bot review b1

The Sales Bot is a great software, and it really can get you some solid results, FAST. However, I felt that the included training could have done a better job in explaining all the features of the software. So in my custom bonus #1, I will be recording a video, where I show you EVERYTHING about The Sales Bot.

In this bonus I walk you through the full software, and explain how you will be using it, how to drive traffic, and overall everything you need to know before getting started. This is the BEST bonus available online for The Sales Bot in my opinion.

Exclusive Bonus #2:


Bonus #2 is a special video training, which will show you how to get instant quality traffic for JUST pennies! With traffic this cheap on demand, you can totally CRUSH it with The Sales Bot. You get this training for FREE with your purchase of The Sales Bot from this page.

Exclusive Bonus #3:


Bonus #3 is a very special pack, where you will get 8 top softwares, that help in various parts of internet marketing, FOR FREE, in a single bundle. This bonus is like a 8-in-1 bonus itself, and the softwares included are all great for various areas of internet marketing.

You get this entire bundle for FREE, when you pick up The Sales Bot from this page.

Exclusive Bonus #4:

25 ‘SUPER-EFFECTIVE’ TRAFFIC METHODSthe sales bot review b5

Bonus #4 is a very special guide which will show you 25 ‘super-effective’ training methods to use with your ‘The Sales Bot’ campaigns. With The Sales Bot, you could greatly benefit from driving additional traffic, apart from what the software gets you, as this will lead to more commissions. So this bonus will REALLY help with that, and give you a whopping 25 TOP traffic methods that all work very well with The Sales Bot.

Exclusive Bonus #5:



Bonus #5 is a full course that is still currently being sold, but of course you get it FREE! 3-Step Machines is another course that shows you how to make $100/day with affiliate marketing, using a secret 3-step method that is PROVEN to work for many years down the line. if you are looking for an additional income stream that is SOLID and evergreen, you need to check this out as well.

Exclusive Bonus #6:


the sales bot review b3

Bonus #6 is another top video course which shows you a SINGLE secret twist that makes it super easy for anyone to make $100+ per day with just 30 minutes of work per day. This product won the DOTD award when it first came out, and was widely loved by it’s members. You get the FULL course AND both of the upgrades which were $47 and $97 additionally. So getting this as a bonus will save you over $150 on this course, as you get it all FOR FREE, by getting The Sales Bot from this page!

Exclusive Bonus #7:


the sales bot review vendor

You will also get all the bonuses the vendors of The Sales Bot are giving to their affiliates to help in their promotions. 99% of other affiliates promoting The Sales Bot will just be giving you one or a few of these bonuses. So along with my exclusive bonuses, I will also be giving you ALL of the bonuses that the vendors have given to affiliates. With this addition, there is literally NOTHING better than this bonus pack! Take action ?


How cool are those bonuses huh?
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Only 20 – Only 8 Bonus Bundles Left!
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These bonuses are all extremely valuable, it’s a killer bundle and these will all be waiting for you in the download area of JVZoo (right under your product access link) and will give you a massive advantage over anyone else that grabs this course.

This super bonus package will be gone VERY QUICKLY because I’m only allowing 20 bonus copies to be given away so just make sure you do not delay, and secure your super bonus package and this course as soon as the buy links are active on this page!


Closing Thoughts:

The whole software is great value for money. It’s only $27.95 ONE-TIME if you pick it up straight away, and with my awesome bonus package too, this is a pretty awesome bundle that you’re getting here. ?

Just make sure you pick up a copy quickly. Don’t miss out as I am only giving away my super bonus to the first 20 people that grab a copy.

My bonuses will be waiting for you in the JVZoo members area. Right under the access to the product, OR just email me at “[email protected]” with a screenshot of the receipt.

That is it for my The Sales Bot review. Any questions or comments please leave them below and I will get back to you. For more product reviews check out my homepage. If you liked my The Sales Bot review, please let me know in the comments 🙂

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Only 20 – Only 8 Bonus Bundles Left!
>> Click Here To Get THE SALES BOT + My Insane Bonuses! <<


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