The Big Five Review + Epic Bonuses

The big five review

The Big Five Review

Pull in $106.30 Every Single Day…Even While Off Sick or on Vacation!

Hey everyone, it’s Samuel Cheema back and today I’ll be talking about a new course called The Big Five by Trevor Carr & Marc Gray. I got early review access to this course, so I will be providing my thoughts on it, as well as showing EXACTLY what you will be getting from this course. The Big Five review & The Big Five course review

Well, without delaying, let’s get into my The Big Five review.

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> Get THE BIG FIVE + My MUST-HAVE Bonuses <
Only  50 – Only 5 Bonus Bundles Left!

Main Course:

THE BIG FIVE is a brand-new video course, in which both Marc & Trevor reveal their FULL business to you on a silver platter. In this course, they will show you how they are able to pull in $106.30 every single day… Even while off sick or on vacation!

This course is a HUGE powerhouse with OVER 35 step-by-step videos covering EVERYTHING, including the nitty-gritty small details that total newbies always want in a course. Trevor & Marc had a goal with this course. To give the most CURRENT and EFFECTIVE strategies in the online world, and teach them to you in super simple video format, and dammit they sure delivered!

Now, there are A LOT of parts I REALLY like about this course, and a bit that I don’t like. I will be sharing it all here for you.

But first let’s start off with the pricing structure of this program.


the big five review proof

Main Course Price: Price starts at $12.95 (but increasing after launch)

Upgrade 1 – The Big Five: Advanced Strategies ($47)

The first upgrde is priceless.  Marc was saving this content for a high ticket course, but is revealing all inside this advanced training module.  So what should be costing $497, will be just $47 during the launch.  (Never before seen or revealed content, and not being taught by anyone else)

Upgrade 2 – Done-For-You Solution ($37)

In this upgrade, you get a Done-For-You Solution saving you time and fast-tracking your success. DFY is always a very popular upgrade as it enables you to get a lot of the ‘work’ completed for you by the vendors, so that you can get results much faster. 

Upgrade 3 – FULL Resale Rights to The Big Five + Entire Funnel ($97)

Upgrade #3 is In this upgrade, the vendors are going to give you 100% commission across the ENTIRE funnel of The Big Five. They’re also including ALL the sales/promo material, customer support and keeping the product up to date. All you do is drive traffic, and profit 100% off everything. 🙂

Upgrade 4 – 4 Week Coaching Offer ($197)

Upgrade #4 is a very powerful coaching offer.

With this upgrade, you get the chance to join Marc and Trevor on 4 week’s of VIP group coaching, during which you will be further trained on the powerful aspects of building your own ‘Big Five’, and helping to pull you through to success.


My Thoughts: 

I like to keep my reviews short, and to the point, so I’m going to go straight to my thoughts on this course.

Overall, I highly recommend the The Big Five training, here’s why. This course should be a high-ticket coaching program because of the amount of VALUE it gives to customers. For someone who goes through many products every single day, this one really took me by surprise, as I have never seen such a detailed course being sold at this price-point!

Every topic the creators touched upon in this course was explained in detailed step-by-step walkthrough videos, and all the content is UP TO DATE, so everything works TODAY. I can confidently recommend this course as one of the best training courses I’ve had the chance to review in 2018. Such a SHEER amount of value, at such a low price is any new internet marketer’s dream. So this is why I am super excited to be able to share this with you. All the strategies shown inside are proven to work for years and years to come, and never get saturated. This course is not based on any one niche in particular, and can be used for ANY niche. Absolute ZERO experience is required to make this work, and literally anyone who takes action can get some AMAZING results.

However, like with everything, there were some setbacks in this course, which I want to make clear. For one, since this course is 35+ step-by-step videos, I feel like the overview video should have done a better job in explaining the full plan. Instead, it mostly is just a motivational style introduction. I personally don’t prefer this as it’s MUCH easier for new marketers to be shown the full strategy before getting into each of the small bits. Don’t worry however, as I solve that in my custom bonuses 😉


In Summary:

In summary, I found The Big Five to be a VERY fresh and HIGHLY VALUABLE course. This is my main reason for promoting this offer. I genuinely loved the training, and I think it can REALLY help you to finally start making your first income online. The training is very detailed and easy to follow at it’s core, and if you take action, there’s NO REASON for you to not get results. Along with that, it’s ONLY $12.95 if you come here early as it launches, so that is a steal and can easily be made up with taking action on the course.

In addition, I have added some very special bonuses which will fill up all of those ‘flaws’ and gaps in the training, and will also give you SO much more value for this offer. These are all offered by ONLY me, so make sure you pick this course through this blog to take advantage of them!

My entire ‘Must-Have’ bonus package is laid out below 🙂 The Big Five review


Only  50 – Only 5 Bonus Bundles Left!
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My Must-Have Bonus Package!

To complete my The Big Five review, I have put together a brand new bonus package for the first 50 people ONLY that pick up a copy of  “The Big Five” from this Blog. This is a unique bonus package which I have created just for my viewers, that purchase this new course from this blog and this will give you a massive advantage over everyone else that grabs this new course.

The Big Five review

Exclusive Bonus #1:


The big five review b1

As I mentioned in my review, The Big Five, while being a really solid course, does not do too much justice in explaining the entire system in some type of ‘overview’ video. While this is okay for most people, if you are new, it can be hard understanding what exactly you will be doing. So my custom bonus #1 solves this problem.

In this bonus, I will explaining the entire method to you, how you will be making money with this, what each part of the course covers, and how you will be driving traffic. This will help you hit the ground running from the start.

Exclusive Bonus #2:


The big five review b2

Like I mentioned in my review, Marc & Trevor don’t really give any effective strategies to get approved for the many affiliate offers. This can be a problem as many newbies may not get approved for most offers. So in this bonus, I will show a SURE-FIRE strategy that you can use that will 100% ensure you get approved for every offer you request!

Not just that, but I will also explain to you WHY most vendors don’t approve newbie affiliates, and how you can use that to your advantage!

Exclusive Bonus #3:


The big five review b3

In order to make the The Big Five method work, you will need a high-converting affiliate offer to promote. Marc explains what types of offers work best, and with my custom bonus #2, you will also learn how to get approved for ANY affiliate offer.

However, I wanted to make it even easier for you to get started. So with bonus #3, I will allow you to promote two of my high-converting offers, with 100% commissions going to you! This is a MASSIVE value, as reseller licences go for $97 EACH, even at discounts. So this is a massive deal you are getting here.

Exclusive Bonus #4:


The big five review b4

I have been successfully using all of ‘The Big Five’ strategies for a WHILE, and while going through the course, I found that I could have added a lot more value at several parts. So in this custom bonus, I will be sharing some additional pro-tips to use while implementing The Big Five. These will be gold-nuggets of information, I’m sure you will love it!

Exclusive Bonus #5:


The big five review b5

Bonus #5 is a very powerful free traffic strategy on Quora. In this bonus I will share my exact traffic strategy, how to use Quora for various parts of The Big Five, and step-by-step instructions to use this traffic source to bring large amounts of traffic completely passively.

Exclusive Bonus #6:


The big five review b8

Bonus #6 is a super-powerful facebook free traffic method that goes perfectly with The Big Five. I have shot a special training video explaining the full traffic method to you, and how you can use it for MASSIVE success with The Big Five. This will help you get a MASSIVE additional method to build up a Facebook following, OR just send rapid traffic to any particular affiliate offer.

Exclusive Bonus #7:


The big five review b9

I have a proven track record of ranking my videos #1 on YouTube for even competitive terms. One of the elements of  The Big Five method involves YouTube. So with this custom bonus, you will get a MASSIVE advantage over ANYONE else who picks up a copy of The Big Five. You will get TONS of gold nuggets in this bonus. TRUST ME!

Exclusive Bonus #8:


One of my premium courses. Affiliate Domination Blueprint is The ULTIMATE“A-Z” affiliate marketing blueprint to start making $100 paydays DAILY, even if you are a TOTAL newbie. This course is still selling for $12.95, on the marketplace, but you get it absolutely FREE along with the first two upgrades! This is a CLEAR $87 value, EVEN at the most discounted rate! You get it all for FREE when you pick up ‘The Big Five’ from this page.

Exclusive Bonus #9:


Bonus #9 is a premium course of mine on product-creation, which is STILL UNRELEASED! So nobody has seen the strategies inside, and you will be the first. This is a VERY comprehensive course with over 20 videos on how to create your own info-product in ANY niche. This will be a perfect add-on for The Big Five, so make sure you take advantage of it, by picking up The Big Five from this page.

Exclusive Bonus #10:

(View Video Review To See What They Are)

the big five review vendor bonuses

You will also get all the bonuses the vendors of The Big Five are giving to their affiliates to help in their promotions. 99% of other affiliates promoting The Big Five will just be giving you one or a two of these bonuses. So along with my custom bonuses above, I will also be giving you ALL of the bonuses that the vendors of The Big Five gave to affiliates. You can see what they are specifically in my review video. With this addition, there is literally NOTHING better than this bonus pack! Take action 🙂


How cool are those bonuses huh?
Click the active link below to lock these in!


Only  50 – Only 5 Bonus Bundles Left!
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These bonuses are all extremely valuable, it’s a killer bundle and these will all be waiting for you in the download area of warriorplus (right under your product access link) and will give you a massive advantage over anyone else that grabs this course.

This super bonus package will be gone VERY QUICKLY because I’m only allowing 50 bonus copies to be given away so just make sure you do not delay, and secure your super bonus package and this course as soon as the buy links are active on this page!


Closing Thoughts:

The whole course is great value for money. It’s only $12.95 if you pick it up straight away, and with my awesome bonus package too, this is a pretty awesome bundle that you’re getting here. ?

In return you will get a product, that is EVEN BETTER than $1,000+ high ticket coaching programs! This really is one of the best courses of all time.

Just make sure you pick up a copy quickly. Don’t miss out as I am only giving away my super bonus to the first 50 people that grab a copy.

My bonuses will be waiting for you in the Warriorplus members area. Right under the access to the product, OR just email me at “[email protected]” with a screenshot of the receipt.

That is it for my The Big Five review. Any questions or comments please leave them below and I will get back to you. For more product reviews check out my homepage. If you liked my The Big Five review, please let me know in the comments 🙂


Only  50 – Only 5 Bonus Bundles Left!
> Get THE BIG FIVE + My MUST-HAVE Bonuses <


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