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Taking Action Online Review

COPY The Underground Method That Motivated a Baker To Quit His Job & Build a Successful Affiliate Business Online…”

Hey everyone, it’s Samuel Cheema back and today I’ll be talking about a new course called Taking Action Online by Jaykay Dowdall & Philip Borrowman. I got early review access so I will be providing my thoughts on it, as well as showing EXACTLY what you will be getting from this course. Taking Action Online review & Taking Action Online course review

Well, without delaying, let’s get into my Taking Action Online review.

Only 30 – Only 8 Bonus Bundles Left!

Only 30 – Only 8 Bonus Bundles Left!

Main Course:

TAKING ACTION ONLINE is a brand-new evergreen training that teaches a complete 20-step action plan that Philip Borrowman has used to quit his job as a baker to become a full-time internet marketer.

TAO includes every step that Philip has taken and continues to take to become a successful internet marketer, including; how he ranks videos on YouTube, how he make his way to the top 10 on affiliate leaderboards, how he is able to monetize a small list of subscribers, and more. The course also includes very beginner friendly training such as how to create your website, buy a domain and more while also including advanced tactics such as paid FB advertising, email automation and more.

TAO is currently selling at $24.95/mth and will ONLY be available at $14.95 during this special launch week.

Now, there are parts I REALLY like about this course, and I will be sharing it all here for you guys.

But first let’s start off with the pricing structure of this program.

Check Out What Students Are Saying About TAO…

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Main Price: Price starts at $14.95 (but increasing after launch to 25/mo)

Upgrade 1 – TAO Gold Card Program ($24.95/month)

With upgrade #1, You will join the TAO Gold Card program, which gives members constant updates on a weekly/monthly schedule with case studies, workshops, tutorials, and more.

The TAO team will scheduled this new content, but it will be driven by the members requests for more information. It also includes instant access to additional case studies!

Upgrade 2 – Underground Strategies & Workshops ($67)

With upgrade #2, you get instant access to 11 different strategies that combine with the action plan training to help bring in more traffic and sales for you. The trainings will include chatbot marketing, email automation, push notifications in browser, and much more.

It also includes access to workshops where the TAO team will explain how to 10x your blog, how to invest in yourself, how to manage your time, another other essential tips.

Upgrade 3 – Case Study Treasure Chest ($197)

Upgrade #4 is a special offer where members receive 8x case studies showing how The TAO team used the content inside ‘Taking Action Online’ to generate over $5,000 in sales.

Additional case studies include how to avoid bad traffic, what mistakes to avoid, etc…


My Thoughts: 

I like to keep my reviews short, and to the point, so I’m going to go straight to my thoughts on this course.

Overall, ‘Taking Action Online’ has been one of the best courses I have ever gotten the chance to review over the years. This is because for a measly one-time 14.95, you get TONS of REAL strategies that you can use to build a sustainable, and ethical income online. It is very rare to see such a high-value offer being sold at such a MASSIVE discount.

Inside, Taking Action Online you’ll discover:

-20 step action plan broken into 20 video modules
-Over 95 videos in total
-Over 30hrs+ of content
-Free traffic strategies
-Paid traffic training
-Affiliate marketing training
-Blog and relationship marketing
-Email marketing
-So much more…

Plus all the strategies are GOLDEN, and work today! These don’t involve any unethical practices, and the strategies will not just work today disappear tomorrow. This mega goldmine shows EVERYTHING that successful affiliate marketers are doing online to build a six-figure or seven-figure business.

This is why I confidently recommend this, and would suggest that you do not delay, as the price will be jumping to 25/month after the launch week discount.


In Summary:

In summary, I found Taking Action Online to be a VERY powerful course. This is my main reason for recommending it. I genuinely liked the training, and I think it can REALLY help you to finally start making your first income online.

In addition, I have added some very special bonuses which will give you SO much more value for this offer. These are all offered by ONLY me, so make sure you pick this course through this blog to get them as well for no-extra charge!

My entire ‘Must-Have’ bonus package is laid out below 🙂 Taking Action Online review


Only 30 – Only 8 Bonus Bundles Left!


My Must-Have Bonus Package!

To complete my Taking Action Online review, I have put together a brand new bonus package for the first 30 people ONLY that pick up a copy of  “Taking Action Online” from this Blog. This is a unique bonus package which I have created just for my viewers, that purchase this new course from this blog and this will give you a massive advantage over everyone else that grabs this new course.

Taking Action Online review

Exclusive Bonus #1:


Taking Action Online review b1

My first custom bonus will be a walkthrough video of the full Taking Action Online course. I will explaining the entire course to you, how you will be making money with this, what each part of the course covers, and how you will be driving traffic. Overall, this will help you hit the ground running from the start, as this is a massive course, and you can get overwhelmed really quickly. Thankfully this custom bonus video from me will help you.

Exclusive Bonus #2:


Taking Action Online review b2

Despite the course being really in-depth, it did miss out on one thing. Paul doesn’t really give any effective strategies to get approved for the many affiliate offers. This can be a problem as many beginners may not get approved for most affiliate offers. So in this bonus, I will show a SURE-FIRE strategy that you can use that will 100% ensure you get approved for every offer you request!

Not just that, but I will also explain to you WHY most vendors don’t approve new affiliates, and how you can use that to your advantage!

Exclusive Bonus #3:


Taking Action Online Review b3

One aspect of ‘Taking Action Online’ involves affiliate marketing, and for that you would need a good offer to promote as an affiliate. My custom bonus #2, shows you how to get approved for ANY affiliate offer.

However, I wanted to make it even easier for you to get started. So with bonus #3, I will allow you to promote one of my top offers, with 100% commissions throughout the funnel going to you! This is a MASSIVE value, as reseller licences usually go for $97, even at discounts. So this is a massive deal you are getting here.

Exclusive Bonus #4:


Taking Action Online Review b4

Bonus #4 is a very powerful video tutorial which will teach you how to write proper headlines that SELL. This is one of the biggest problems I see with many beginner marketers, and one that is a BIG deal when working with online funnels, capture pages, or really selling anything. You get this bonus at no-cost when you pick up Taking Action Online through this page.

Exclusive Bonus #5:


Taking Action Online Review b5

Bonus #6 is one of my absolute favourite courses online, which shows you how to make $100/day using just your smartphone. This was a very special training which I personally have made thousands of dollars from, and you get it absolutely free along with your purchase of Taking Action Online today!

Exclusive Bonus #6:


Taking Action Online Review b6

Bonus #6 is a special case study where you will see how to a close friend of mine went from absolutely nothing to $100 in just 24hrs using free traffic, and a simple method that he reveals entirely in this case study. A great addition for you to try if you ever are looking for some quick money strategies.

Exclusive Bonus #7:


Taking Action Online Review b7

Bonus #7 is the ‘Profit Ascension’ course. This one of my premium courses, which got ‘Deal Of The Day’ on WarriorPlus when it first launched, and ever since I’ve had nothing but great feedback on it. It still sells in the marketplace, and you can get it completely free with your purchase of Taking Action Online from this page.


How cool are those bonuses huh?
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Only 30 – Only 8 Bonus Bundles Left!


These bonuses are all extremely valuable, it’s a killer bundle and these will all be waiting for you in the download area of warriorplus (right under your product access link) and will give you a massive advantage over anyone else that grabs this course.

This super bonus package will be gone VERY QUICKLY because I’m only allowing 30 bonus copies to be given away so just make sure you do not delay, and secure your super bonus package and this course as soon as the buy links are active on this page!


Closing Thoughts:

The whole course is great value for money. It’s only $14.95 if you pick it up straight away, and with my awesome bonus package too, this is a pretty awesome bundle that you’re getting here.

Just make sure you pick up a copy quickly. Don’t miss out as I am only giving away my super bonus to the first 30 people that grab a copy.

My bonuses will be waiting for you in the Warriorplus members area. Right under the access to the product, OR just email me at “[email protected]” with a screenshot of the receipt.

That is it for my Taking Action Online review. Any questions or comments please leave them below and I will get back to you. For more product reviews check out my homepage. If you liked my Taking Action Online review, please let me know in the comments 🙂


Only 30 – Only 8 Bonus Bundles Left!


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